Building irresistible brands

There are many popular brands, but only a few have the magnetic power of irresistibility. Irresistible brands evoke a powerful desire that makes choosing them inevitable and competing with them impossible. Irresistibility drives real strategic and economic advantage.

NeedScope understands what drives irresistibility in brands. NeedScope has a unique framework of 8 apps that combine to deliver irresistibility for brands: a powerful brand planning framework that can be used throughout the marketing process.

At the heart of irresistibility is a deep understanding of consumer needs on all levels – down to the underlying emotive needs driving choice. NeedScope understands that a different research approach is needed to uncover these emotive needs. For this purpose we use a combination of unique proprietary models and tools: the NeedScope psychological framework to understand universal emotions; the consumer-brand relationship model to peel back the different layers of consumer needs – and our globally validated projective tools, instrumental in accessing intuitive, emotive responses.

We apply these throughout your marketing process to build your brand’s irresistibility, from identifying and sizing the opportunities in the market, to determining the optimal positioning for your brand and identifying innovation opportunities.

Find out how to make your brand irresistible with NeedScope.

Related case studies

Emotive connections to build an irresistible brand

Business issue

Our client, a leader in the food industry, with a strong presence in a number of chilled food categories, was specifically looking for ways to grow their meat brands by attracting new customers. They were looking for both short term solutions as well as a roadmap for long term growth.

Precise insights

The category had previously been thought of as largely functional, so efforts had been made to differentiate the brands at the product level. But irresistible brands differentiate on the real drivers of brand choice, which go beyond the functional. A strategic NeedScope study was commissioned to find new ways to differentiate the brands both within the portfolio and against the competition to generate real growth.

NeedScope unlocked a new understanding of the category and, for the first time, the client understood that emotive needs such as contentment, adventure and playfulness played a role and could provide a route to irresistibility.

Plans for growth

The new strategy was to pull the brands apart at an emotive level and to re-launch one of the meat brands with a new positioning, targeting playful needs across key consumer touch points, including a new communications campaign. The result was a portfolio of irresistible brands with better alignment, stronger linkage from emotive to functional needs and more powerful emotive appeal, which resulted in greater market share.

An irresistible route for innovation

Business issue

Just Juice’s brand share and value had eroded over time as the cold drinks market evolved. The client knew innovation was essential to survive, but recognised that simply developing new flavours and formats would not be sufficient. Growth potential could be seen in fizzy drinks, but the client didn’t know whether this was right for Just Juice.

Precise insights

Using NeedScope qualitatively, we explored the dynamics of the cold drinks market, revealing the functional and emotional drivers of brand choice, unmet needs and opportunities in the market.

We identified hybrid fruit juice & lemonade as Just Juice’s best innovation opportunity. Pinpointing the Just Juice brand essence and the emotional benefits of bubbles, guided brand positioning, as well as functional elements such as product and pricing.

Plans for growth

Just Juice Bubbles was successfully launched, with every element capturing the essential values of bubbly, lively fun. This became the company’s most successful new brand launch, with sales and profitability targets exceeded and achieving 35 percentage growth for the portfolio. The launch also successfully helped inject irresistibility into the core Just Juice brand.

Success through building an irresistible new brand

Business issue

Our client was the market leader for scooters in India but had lost its leadership position in the two-wheel vehicle sector. Attempts to regain this position by launching a new motorcycle had been unsuccessful. Our client recognised that the problem was not just product but brand.

Precise insights

A qualitative and quantitative NeedScope programme investigated the dynamics of the market to identify the best growth opportunity for our client.

By going beyond the functional, we showed that motorcycles and scooters meet very different needs in the Indian market. NeedScope explained what riding a motorcycle was really about and revealed an opportunity for a segment of the market best described as ‘liberation’. To be irresistible to this segment, a new brand needed to be young, sporty and irreverent, with a sense of freedom and exploration at its core.

Plans for growth

A new brand was successfully launched, targeted directly at the youthful, irreverent side of liberation. The new brand energized and focused the company and resulted in a return to the number one position as well as accolades in numerous prestigious motoring magazines.

Irresistible positioning leads to impressive growth in new market

Business issue

Our client, a global leader in personal care, wanted to drive growth by entering a new market in Asia, with their global deodorant brand. Precise direction was needed on how to position the brand for success.

Precise insight

NeedScope provided a focused framework to understand consumer needs, evaluate the positioning of existing brands, inform brand development and outline the market opportunity. Specifically, NeedScope identified the emotive needs driving brand choice and how to satisfy needs through product and brand image to create an irresistible brand.

This provided a precise understanding of the deodorant market, a clear target audience and a clear path to growth. Existing brands in the market met a wide range of needs, but there were untapped needs in one NeedScope segment – vitality. By meeting these well a new brand could become the irresistible choice.

In the target segment, the underlying needs were more assertive expressions of individuality, articulated in terms of energy and activity. Deodorant needed to make the people in the target segment feel alive, giving a feel of refreshment. Not surprisingly, the type of person who exemplified this need had an energetic, lively and active personality. We advised the creation of a new deodorant range using the vitality concept with precise direction on product formulation, packaging and a positioning for a range of variants designed to be truly irresistible.

Precise plans for growth

The range was launched with packaging and communication targeting the vitality segment. It reached a 17 percent share and third position in the market after three months, most of it from the market leader. Impressive growth for the client through irresistibility.

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